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10th Anniversary

Baklava-inspired Imperial Stout Blend

Created to commemorate a decade of Hangar 24 craft beer, this baklava-inspired release is an unique Imperial Stout blend. Coalescing in each bottle are Russian Imperial Stouts, Pugachev’s Cobra and it’s rare variant Pugachev Black Maple, along with our Double Cream Stout, Laval. Generous additions of vanilla, maple, cinnamon, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, and pistachios round out this distinct, decadent creation.

Barrel Roll Club Exclusive


65 IBU

Imperial Stout Blend

Vanilla. Maple. Cinnamon. Almonds. Hazelnuts. Pecans. Pistachios

500ml Bottle
Hangar24 History
Hangar24 History

Aged to Perfection

Our Spirit Aged Program

The process of creating barrel-aged beers is equal parts craftsmanship and science, an art that is both immensely time-consuming and intensely rewarding for us as brewers. We purchased our first barrel in 2010, a bourbon barrel, and it turned 53 gallons of Chocolate Porter into our first ever batch of Barrel Roll #1 – Immelmann. Spirit Barrel Aged beers are finished beers before they go into the barrel, and the goal is to extend and develop this finished beer through time in a spirit barrel, with the final result being an incredibly decadent, sweet, high-abv beer fit for a special occasion.