Since 2008, hangar number twenty-four at Redlands Airport has represented the place where Ben Cook’s plane would cool its engine after a day of soaring through the clouds; where Ben’s home-brewed beer would underscore the laughter of friends retelling their day’s adventures in the skies.

Ben’s passion for aviation, community, and exploration started with a single keg of his own recipe that has inspired every ounce of quality craft beer we’ve shared for over a decade at Hangar 24 Craft Brewery.

We believe in fostering a place where family can gather for more than just good beer, but also share experiences together – no matter where life’s adventure takes us.

Whether you’re joining us at our main brewery & taproom in Redlands, or one of our restaurants in Orange County, Riverside, or Lake Havasu City, we invite you to share the adventure as we pursue life well-lived in the richness of friendship.