Orange Guava

Brewed with a juicy combination of whole Redlands oranges and tropical guava, the beer you’re holding is paradise in a can. Orange Guava is flavorful, refreshing, crafted for all-day enjoyment and would look really good sitting next to a hammock just about anywhere. Share it with friends, let your mind…

Tropical Fruit Beer

4.0% ABV

08 IBU

American Light

American Light is an elevated light beer, low in calories and carbs without sacrificing flavor.  Pouring a brilliantly clear, pale straw color, this light lager offers clean cracker and bready malt notes with a slight sweetness.  Moderate carbonation and a light bitterness allow for a smooth, crisp finish rounding out…

Premium Light Lager

4.2% ALC/VOL


Orange Wheat

At certain times of the year, when you fly over the orange groves here in Redlands, you can smell the blossoms. Oranges are a part of our lives. And Orange Wheat is our tribute to their role throughout the history of Southern California. A beer with local ingredients. Brewed for…

American Wheat Ale Brewed with oranges

4.6% ALC/VOL

17 IBU

Betty IPA

Protecting the things we love.  That’s what you knew you were doing when you looked at Betty.  And you got in your plane knowing that the fight for freedom was the most important adventure of them all.  Betty IPA is a salute to those who make our adventures possible.  One…

West Coast IPA

6.5% ALC/VOL

68 IBU


This beer began with takeoffs in Redlands. And landings in Baja.  Harvesting salt from the Sea of Cortez with the locals.  Then wheels up and over the hills above San Diego for fresh picked limes.  That’s the adventure we canned.  Now open it and let your adventure pour out.

Mexican Style Lager brewed with sea salt and whole, fresh limes

4.6% ALC/VOL

12 IBU

Peak Blonde

Mountains come in all shapes and sizes.  And conquering your mountain can be done in many different ways.  Each way is its own adventure.  An adventure that deserves to be told.  And Peak Blonde is the perfect beer to tell it with.  Cold.  Refreshing.  To be enjoyed with good stories…

American Blonde Ale

4.7% ALC/VOL

14 IBU

Iconic Double IPA

At the core of each adventure lives the drive to exceed.  To push the limits.  To elevate above the status quo.  And above all, to create something memorable.  This Double IPA does exactly that, inspired by the iconic west coast aviation achievement, elevating an equally iconic west coast beer style. …

Double India Pale Ale

9.0% ALC/VOL

118 IBU

Brut Force IPA

The mighty A-10 “Warthog” was built to bring the stick when our troops need close air support on the ground.  Much like the airframe of the A-10 was built around a 30mm Gatling cannon, we crafted Brut Force IPA around its hops.  Engineered to highlight juicy characteristics of simcoe and…

Juicy and Clean, Crushable IPA

6.4% ALC/VOL

25 IBU

Freedom Fox IPA

The beauty of bush flying is you’re soaring through the uncharted.  With the freedom to go where you want, when you want.  It’s endless adventure that’s made even better when you share it with a good wingman.  Freedom Fox IPA, the second release in our Formation IPA Series, shares the…

Dry-Hopped with Citra and Centennial


42 IBU

L-39 IPA

Adventure synchronized – captured in the perfect formations of our friends, the Patriots Jet Team.  A feat so engaging, it extends to all of us on the ground.  And it’s the inspiration for our L-39 IPA, the first release in our Formation IPA series.  Celebrating the perfect synchronicity of white…

Double Dry-Hopped With Mosaic Hops


40 IBU