In Action

Brut Force IPA

Brut Style India Pale Ale

The mighty A-10 “Warthog” was built to bring the stick when our troops need close air support on the ground.  Much like the airframe of the A-10 was built around a 30mm Gatling cannon, we crafted Brut Force IPA around its hops.  Engineered to highlight juicy characteristics of simcoe and citra hops, this brut champagne-like IPA finishes clean and dry on the palate.  Easy-drinking and loaded for bear.  Push forward bravely, Brut Force IPA has you covered.

Juicy and Clean, Crushable IPA

6.4% ALC/VOL

25 IBU

Brut Force

Juicy. Clean. Crushable

Hangar24 History
Hangar24 History

Formation IPA Series

Greater Than The Sum Of Their Parts

We created the Formation IPA Series to celebrate the beauty of perfect combination. Inspired by the ephemeral power of expertly aligned aircraft in flight, the series captures an equally fleeting adventure: a wonderfully fresh IPA. Brewed in single batches from new recipes each release, the series continuously explores what an IPA can be, by changing style and hops in search of that perfect combination. Our third release, Brut Force IPA, brewed as an Brut-style IPA, shares the adventure of juicy yet dry IPAs with simcoe and citra hops. The image features the famous A-10 Thunderbolt II, the inspiration for this release.