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Galaxy Gardens

Dry Hopped, White Wine Barrel Aged Sour Blonde

Sour Blonde Ale, aged anywhere from 12 months to 2 years in hand-selected white wine barrels, makes up each unique batch of Galaxy Gardens.  First, the barrels are infused with raw orange blossom honey and left to re-ferment.  then heaps of Galaxy hops are added right before bottling, layering the beer’s restrained funk and floral honey sweetness, with big, juicy tropical fruit notes.  While intended to be enjoyed fresh, time cellaring will yield even more delicate dimensions.

Sour Blonde Ale

7.9% ALC/VOL

3.33 pH

Sour Blonde Ale

Galaxy Hops. Raw Honey. White Wine Barrels

500ml Bottle
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Hangar24 History

Barrel Roll Series

Adventures in Vintage

The process of creating barrel-aged beers is equal parts craftsmanship and science, an art that is both immensely time-consuming and intensely rewarding for us as brewers. We purchased our first barrel in 2010, a bourbon barrel, and it turned 53 gallons of Chocolate Porter into our first ever batch of Barrel Roll #1 - Immelmann. Wine barrel aged sour beers followed soon after in 2012 with Barrel Roll #5 - Chandelle. Our sour ales develop in complexity over the course of up to three years in oak barrels, fermented by wild yeast and souring bacteria. The range of aging coupled with countless variables from barrel type to fermentation behavior, allows us to create truly unique beers each year, making each vintage its own adventure.