The X-Series

The X-Series lands May 27th.

The X-Series
An American Owned & Independent Brewery

Beer Crafted with Purpose

At Hangar 24, we aspire to the highest standard possible. We challenge ourselves. Our pursuit of high-quality craft beer takes us on an exploration. That journey allows us to create joy by bringing friends together while inspiring stories. It is beer that builds community. Adventure also is what moves us, and our beer belongs on that journey. With roots in aviation, there is a yearning for freedom that comes with flight. We like reaching for new heights. The world looks filled with opportunity from up here. We strive for that feeling each day. These were things said and unsaid, way back when, next to the grill, sipping a homebrew, as the idea for a brewery took shape under the canopy of hangar No. 24 in Redlands, California.

About Our Beers

A Humble Beginning

Ben Cook, our founder, started homebrewing while studying biology at Cal State San Bernardino. It was the perfect multi-tiered education for a brewer. Ben used his lab equipment and biology skills to enhance his first homebrew kit. The attention to detail and a commitment to quality began here.


The First Flight

Aviation is about new adventure, discovery, exploration, exhilarating joy, and limitless freedom. Ben traded fresh, handcrafted beer for flight lessons. Soaring to new heights became a literal and figurative goal.


Master Brewer

Ben graduated from the Master Brewers Program at UC Davis, which focuses on brewing science and brewery engineering.


Ground Breaking

Construction on the Redlands facility and taproom begins for what ultimately will become Hangar 24 Craft Brewing. It wouldn’t have happened without the help from friends, family and local flyers.


Our First Customer

On March 15, 2008, keg distribution began for our friends and owners of local restaurants. Our first paying customers were in the books.


Barrel Aged

Our barrel-aged beer program is launched with Immelman, a luscious high-ABV porter aged in bourbon barrels. Shortly thereafter comes the arrival of Pugachev’s Cobra, our highly-acclaimed barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout. It heightens our exploration of beer’s far-reaching potential.


Expanding Horizons

Hangar 24 is named a Top 100-Regional Craft Brewery, and set a new milestone, proudly producing over 15,000 barrels of fresh, delicious beer.


Airfest Adventure

Our first expression of our core values – joy, community and adventure – is a soaring success. Part air show, part beer festival, AirFest is now an annual event in Redlands and Lake Havasu City that celebrates flight.


Our Mission

We craft beer designed to create joy by gathering people and bringing out stories. We are more committed to this mission than ever before.

American Light 6 Pack
Year-round selections

Elevated for Everyday

Our signature line of beers are offered year-round and created fresh with premium ingredients. When possible, these ingredients are locally sourced in our backyard in Redlands. Our water is sourced from the San Bernardino Mountains as new snowmelt, then triple filtered through reverse osmosis, providing a crisp, clean canvas for flavor. Experience the elevated everyday selection of beers.

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Limited Releases

Experience Our Experiments

Welcome to our adventure. We love experimenting with locally sourced ingredients and discovering unique flavor profiles that allow for new and exciting offerings. The limited release is small batched to craft the highest quality beer. It is only available in a short window of time.

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Barrel Roll Series

Aged to Perfection

Coveted. Complex. Limited. Exclusive. Typically, we don't even have a chance to talk up our latest barrel-aged offerings since they are gone so quickly. Rich, bold and always memorable, the best way to ensure access to these gems is through the Hangar 24 Barrel Roll Club. Barrel Roll Series beers are the ideal way to indulge yourself after a momentous occasion, a targeted success, or a job well done. Or they can be an avenue for bringing some of the finer things to your every day.

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Our AirFest is coming up on May 30th & 31st 2020 - click here for details!